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Facials keep your skin clean, clear, hydrated and healthy.  At G Lab Aesthetics we customize your facial based on your skin care needs.  Whether your skin is dry or oily, have teen or adult acne, or dull looking skin, we will assess your skin and determine the perfect facial for you!


45 minute facial using our Jet Peel machine technology.  The Jet Peel facial has no down time and provides a dermal infusion facial that improves fine lines, skin texture, skin tone, exfoliates dead skin and leaves you with firm and plump glowing skin.  See Jet Peel facial page to read more on the Jet Peel technology and see what makes this the most popular at G Lab. 

spa facial

50 minute customizable facial where together with our aesthetician, you will determine the best treatment for your skin. This facial may include cleansing, massage,  *dermaplaning, exfoliation, steaming, *deep-pore cleansing with extractions, *hydro-jelly mask mask, and hydration elements. (*add on service)

teen facial

30 minute facial that includes deep pore cleansing and exfoliation. The teen facial helps to minimize pores, restoring the skins natural glow, and helps to prevent future acne breakouts.

gua sha facial

50 minute facial that restores, detoxifies and calms your skin.  Gua Sha facials work to improve lymphatic drainage and reduce inflammation leaving you with smoother and more sculpted skin.

vi peel

Widely known skin resurfacing procedure using a deep medical grade peel. It rejuvenates skin texture and tone by eliminating the top layer of skin, allowing new healthy skin to surface. Also, improves sunspots (hyperpigmentation), acne, acne scarring, melanoma, and increases collagen production to fight against fine lines and wrinkles.

JetPeel skin layers facial
Skin Ceuticals
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