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Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, is a relatively new innovation in aesthetic medicine. Producing PRP involves drawing blood from the patient and concentrating specific blood cells called platelets. In the body, platelets are primarily involved in clot formation and wound healing. As a result, they contain many growth factors and cell signaling molecules called cytokines. These natural chemicals have many antiaging effects when infused into the skin. At our clinic, we use PRP mainly for Vampire Facials and Nonsurgical Hair Restoration.

the vampire facial / microneedling

The Vampire Facial is microneedling combined with topical PRP, though it is sometimes injected into troubled areas. The microchannels created during microneedling allow the PRP to infuse deep into the skin. The platelets are then activated within the skin and release natural chemicals which, through a cascade of reactions, stimulate collagen and elastin production. Elastin and collagen fibers are the healthy building blocks of tight, evenly textured skin. For best results, the Vampire Facial is given in a series of three treatments 4-6 weeks apart. The skin renewal continues to occur for several months after the procedures and may last for a year or longer with proper skin care. Most patients have visible results within 2-4 weeks and maintenance treatments can be performed yearly as needed.

microneedling without prp

This technology is a minimally invasive skin resurfacing treatment. For this reason, it is also known as "collagen induction therapy." This treatment firms the skin and improves elasticity -- essentially reversing the aging process. At G Lab Aesthetics, we use the Skin Pen® Precision. This is the only class II, FDA approved microneedling device in the USA. A testament to its safety and superior quality that stimulates collagen production

prp hair treatments

Aside from antiaging effects on the skin, PRP is also commonly being used for nonsurgical hair restoration. There are plenty of data supporting PRP treatment for both male and female pattern hair loss as well with nonscarring alopecia. The treatment involves injections of PRP as well as microneedling of the treatment area. We are careful to provide our patients with adequate local anesthesia in order to decrease discomfort. Treatment responders see hair thickening, increase in multi-hair follicles, and sometimes new hair growth 6-9 months after initial treatment, though many see results sooner.

PRP machine
Aesthetician with prp
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